Jewelry & Cards

Our jewelry is made of original 5foot20 artwork set in vintage stainless steel watch and pocket watch backs, washers, and various found objects.  Each piece is preserved in a hand-poured resin casing.  Each greeting card is also comprised of original artwork by 5foot20, and they are blank on the inside. The Fargo Theater and Hotel Donaldson cards also contain the business history on the back of the card. 

Any original 5foot20 Fine Art Piece, your 5foot20 portrait, or even your candid photos can be customized
into a unique jewelry piece or card. Just contact 5foot20 and let us design something just for you! 


Jewelry & Cards are available at:
Gallery 4, Ltd., 115 Roberts Street,
Downtown Fargo, ND

Dennis Krull
1424 1st Avenue, North
Moorhead, MN 56560